Chiang Dao Nest Owners

Owners is actually slightly disingenious as most of the land at Nest 1, and all of the land at Nest 2 is owned by other people, leased on a long-term contract. "Proprietors" would probably be a better description.

We are still the same owners who started and built Nest 1 and 2 from scratch. These days we (Wicha and Stuart) unfortunately spend much of our time away from Chiang Dao due to the opening of our new venture in Chiang Mai (SugarCane Chiang Mai), and our kids schooling (both attend an International School in Chiang Mai). We try to get to Chiang Dao as often as possible. Wicha often commutes for day time visits, and is in constant communication with staff via the phone throughout most days. We are very lucky to have great staff who look after the place in our absence (this is arguably less about luck and more about Wicha's training).

Wicha is owner, manager, executive chef of both Nest 1 and 2.
Thai, from Bangkok. Great chef, loves food. Has spent time in Holland, Norway and over four years in England. Speaks excellent English. Travelled extensively around Thailand, and parts of Asia. Previously had a restaurant on Koh Chang, when it was a very simple isand. Wicha is very driven to be a success as a businesswoman, and expends a lot of her energy to that end. She also enjoys cooking, eating, cats, drinking and smoking.

Doing business for a Thai woman (especially one with a foreign husband) in Thailand is not easy. There is much misogyny in Thailand for starters (including from foreign residents in Thailand), and Thai women with foreign husbands are generally looked down upon. Wicha has had to be tough to deal with these prejudices, and to ensure the survival of the business. Maybe it not surprising that Wicha is much better at, and more comfortable with, manging the staff, the kitchens, and the business as a whole, than dealing directly with customers. These days staff deal with almost all customer relations while Wicha concentrates on managing the business side.

Owner (or, possibly more acurately, husband of owner!).
English, from Norwich. Greying and balding. Norwich City Football Club fan (hence the discount offer), still a fledgling birder and amateur bird photographer. Enjoys cycling, particularly mountainous, off-road routes. Drinks less these days, but recently got bored with the standard Thai lagers, hence Chiang Dao Nest 1 and 2 now stock a range of more interesting (albeit more expensive) Thai Craft Beer and imported beers. Prone to computer-addiction and bouts of reclusiveness (I'm not being deliberately rude!). Forgets names instantly, (sorry). Speaks very little, and bad Thai considering he's been here for 15 years. Has travelled around parts of South-East Asia, and various bits of Europe. Worked for over 12 years in music retailing, then shifted career to doing internet stuff.

Stuart has very little to do with the actual running of Nest 1 or 2 but occasionally makes suggestions, and helps out when his limited skills can be of use!