SugarCane Chiang Mai Reviews

We now have a number of reviews mainly on the platforms listed below. We are pleased with the response so far as most of the reviews are good. We do read reviews and are happy to take on board the constructive criticisms of previous guests.

SugarCane on Tripadvisor

We have recently been moved to the "Hotel " section of Tripadvisor.


Trip Advisor

travel reviews

We are pleased with the response so far. Please be advised that while Tripadvisor does it's best to include only genuine reviews, some "fake" / malicious ones do slip through!

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Google logo


business details including reviews

Mostly ok reviews / ratings on Google. Again, be aware that these reviews are not 100% authenticated.

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global room booking site

We have quite a number of reviews on Airbnb. All genuine from guests that have stayed with us and booked via Airbnb. (when we first opened we had quite a few airbnb reservations) ...

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Online reservations giant

All 100% genuine reviews. Many of our guests book via (although we would prefer them booking directly with us!). We are happy with our overall rating, and are working on maintaing and improving upon this standard. Click on the "Our Guests' Experiences" link in the top right of the following page ...

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